Making A Public Library Help Your Children’s Love For Reading Grow

Many parents complain about their children who are not fond of reading. Of course, making our children love reading cannot be done instantly. People love reading because they feel the benefit of reading. So, the key to the success in making our children love reading is by making them feel the benefit of reading. Ideally, reading is introduced to our children when they are still toddlers of two to three years old. The books that should initially be introduced to the children are picture books full of colorful pictures of animals, plants, and other things that are familiar to them and can easily be found in the real world of the children’s environment. From the first day of their introduction to books children can be directly introduced to the benefits of having books, looking at a book’s contents, loving books, and taking care of books. First of all, the message that should be conveyed is that a book is a tool for having fun, because kids love something fun to do. While looking at the pictures displayed on the book’s pages, they can be taught the names of animals and plants, the letters that compose the names and the way how to pronounce the names. The kids may not call the activities as reading activities, but they know that the activities are fun and make them know something.

At first, children’s books for our children can be purchased from book stores or grocery stores that sell books in our neighborhood. It is better to directly inform our kids that books are something of value by purchasing books in their presence. Let them know that books are something valuable and should be appreciated accordingly. This is the first lesson on how to obtain and to value books for our children. By doing this, we are conveying the message that books are valuable and should be treated accordingly. The next step is to wrap the books that we purchase with plastic wrapping so that they will not be damaged easily. Sweat from your hand can easily damage a book’s cover. Plastic wrapping will make books last longer than they do without plastic wrapping. The process of wrapping the book itself can be made fun for your children to do. It seems easy but it requires skills to wrap books neatly.

As our kid’s reading interest grows he will ask for more and more books to read or look at. It is time for us to take him / her to visit a public library where he can find books of various kinds and satisfy his / her reading interest. Of course, this is the point where an inequality occurs. Not all people have the same level of access to the public library facilities, especially those who live in under developed and developing countries, where a public library does not always exist in a community. You are lucky if you live close to a public library facility. You can regularly take your kids to a public library as needed. An adequate public library offers various facilities related to the needs of the patrons of all age groups.

A public library usually provides a special room for children where they can read books, watch videos, and play with toys provided by the library. The room for children is made as comfortable as possible to make them stay and frequently visit the library. As a place meant for all citizens to utilize, a public library should be equipped with all resources that are useful to their patrons and potential patrons. A community equipped with an adequate public library will surely produce educated and well-informed citizens. However, it is the responsibility of parents to introduce and familiarize their children with a public library and its services. When the children know the benefits of visiting a public library they will make the library as a part of their lives, education, and growing up.

Your Public Library is a Great Place to Hang Out

You remember the trips and the field trips to the public library when you were a kid in school. There is a reason why your school took you to this wonderful building. The reason is because; this is the best place to find knowledge.

Many great names down through history were self-taught from endless trips to this amazing place. The library holds all kinds of wondrous information. History, fantasy, non-fiction, self-help, pure adventure and even current daily events are all in this one great place.

Your public library is a great place to hang out as you can learn to read, read fascinating books, and research your family history and genealogy. You can use the public computers to send and receive e-mails or there is even wireless internet if you happen to have your own computer you prefer to use.

Perhaps you just need a quite place to get away form the daily stresses and you need to be alone with a good book. This is the place to get peace and quiet. You can rest and relax at the library if this is what you need.

On the other hand, you may need to get some quality work done and this is the only place without distractions and interruptions. Many people who try to work at home find they can get more work done here. Their home seems to be a source of constant bother. The telephone ringing, kids need this or that or the doorbell rings.

Perhaps you just do not have internet at your home and you wish to catch up on the daily news around the world. You can do that here in this as well. You can sit and quietly read the local newspaper and catch up on the local happenings.

On the other hand, you can even search for a job at your local public library if you need to. Feel free to use the computers to search the jobs data banks in your area. This is a great source for information on current openings.

You will find only clam and quiet sounds at your public library no loud interruptions or loud voices here. Of course, you will need a library card to check out books and use the computers with so keep your card in a safe place at all times.

Whatever you need or you may be searching for you can find it all at your public library they have many services for their community.

“Green” Building – Portsmouth NH Public Library

Have you visited the new library yet? If you haven’t you are certainly missing out on a great library and if you have you already have you know just what a wonderful addition to Portsmouth the library is. I visited for the first time in April 2007 and quickly became a “heavy user” of the extensive collections from books to DVDs to CDs.

The original library was at 8 Islington Street and opened in 1896. One hundred and ten years later, the new library opened at 175 Parrott Avenue in December 2006. The new library is over 38,000 sq. ft. of state of the art space. A bright, light and airy space with lots of comfortable stuffed chairs to enjoy a magazine or newspaper and work areas to focus on your projects. Wireless internet is available throughout.

It was designed as a “green” building. The design optimized energy performance above 32.5%; there are views in 90% of the spaces; reduced light pollution, daylight in 75% of the spaces, reduced water use and water efficient landscaping. Local and regional materials were used in 20% of the building. Low emitting materials were used throughout including paint, carpet and composite wood. One interesting fact is the first floor is only 10.5 feet above sea level.

When you enter the library it is hard to miss the Liberty Pole Eagle c.1824 hanging in the main staircase over the time capsule. It was originally carved to top the Liberty Pole. This pole was the successor to the original pole that was erected in 1766 at the time of the Stamp Act. In 1977 it was decided that the eagle had become too fragile to stay outside and was moved indoors to the library. The current Liberty Pole has its own eagle and still stands on Marcy Street across from Strawbery Banke. The eagle is carved of wood and covered in gold leaf. It is believed that the eagle was carved by Laban Beecher (1805-1876) A Boston wood carver that had come to Portsmouth to do carving on the sloop-of-war Concord by the Navy. Mr. Beecher would have been 19 years old when he carved the eagle. It is only assumed that he carved the eagle since he was the only known carver in the area at the time.

Visit the Special Collections room to research historic Portsmouth. The Reference Department is always happy to be of assistance. Located on the second floor. In the Main Lobby there is a large portrait of Celia Laighton Thaxter (1835-1894) believed to have been painted by Emil Otto Grundmann (German, 1844-1890) he was the first head of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Celia Laighton Thaxter was a local author, poet, painter and gardener. She spent most of her life living out on the Isles of Shoals. She ran the Appledore Hotel and hosted summer salons that attracted many 19th century luminaries, artistic and literary figures including Hawthorne, Emerson, and Twain. Her son, Karl Thaxter, donated the portrait to the library in 1896.

The Youth Wing offers a Teen Room, Sun Room, Storytime Room and Activity Room. There are several computer stations dedicated to youth use. A nice collection of child friendly videos and DVDs are housed here.

You can browse the catalog from your home computer by going to Through the internet you can search the catalog, see what you have checked out, renew books, audio and VHS tapes, reserve a book and download a wide variety of audio books.

What Can You Borrow at the Library: It’s more than just books!

Music CDs – The collection is constantly growing and you can borrow up to 5 CDs for two weeks

VHS Tapes – An extensive array is awaits you and now you can borrow as many VHS tapes as you like, keep them for two weeks and even renew them! My favorite area is the group of non-fiction tapes that give you a tour of the area.

DVDs – Borrow 5 for a week. These cannot be renewed but there is a large group of movies, documentaries and TV programs.

Books on Tape and CD – I am really enjoying working through the books on CD at the library. A great way to use your commuting time for other personal and educational pursuits. Car rides and work days just seem to fly by when hearing a good story.

There is more to the Portsmouth Public Library. It is definitely a community meeting place. Several activities and groups meet there regularly. On Saturday morning from 10-12 there is an open Mah Jong game going on in the café. Every other Tuesday from 7-8:45pm a World War II discussion group meets in the MacLeod Board Room. Mondays at 7pm and Tuesdays at 1pm is the time for Adult Book Discussions. You can find the schedule of books to be discussed at the front desk.

Film Series are an active part of the library scene. Thursday evenings at 7pm movies are shown in the Levenson Meeting Room on the first floor. Coming up they are featuring “Breach” (2007) starring Chris Cooper and Laura Linney and “Waitress” (2007) starring Keri Russell and Andy Griffith. The Film Noir series meets Wednesdays at 1pm. Recent movies included “The Asphalt Jungle” (1950) directed by John Huston and starring Sterling Hayden and “In a Lonely Place” (1950) directed by Nicholas Ray and starring Humphrey Bogart.

Over 12,000 residents of Portsmouth borrow books and more from the library. And if you are from out of town you can join too. Currently the one year annual membership fee is only $75 or join for six months for $40.

Hours are 9-9 Monday through Thursday 9-5:30 on Friday and 9-5 on Saturday

Portsmouth Public Library